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Dr. Rustamova sitting with her client

Your opinion matters, and thats why Central Park Medical Practice has consistently delivered high-quality services and provided excellent client service for almost 20 years, with many more years to come. We has established a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and excellence, and we have worked hard to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients. We understand the importance of building strong relationships with each individual client and we are committed to exceeding their expectations every step of their way. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has helped us build a strong foundation of trust with our clients, and we are proud to have earned their confidence in our brand.

Below we present a list of testimonials from our clients that have visited us and left their opinions and thoughts on Central Park Medical Practice. We invite you to do the same!


Our latest reviews

Amazing breathwork ceremony! 

The Activation Ceremony was amazing! The breath work, the movement release, the soundbath, the essential oils, the music, the pink Himalayan salt lighting, the guided process……all were so healing and powerful. It was well worth the price and the time. I would recommend this ceremony to everyone to experience. I look forward to doing it again!


My name is Tom Clarke.

I was introduced to the whole mind shift potential replacement, and vitamin infusion within the last two months.

As a result, my mindset has transformed.

My body weight has improved significantly because of the way I treat desires and habits about food and have become intentional about taste and smell… Just truly enjoying each bite.

All of the toxicity associated with a divorce needed to be cleaned, to total forgiveness. I realized that the feelings of love that attract are always there. Understanding that, I became grateful and thankful, as a burden lifted that had been lingering for so many years.

I have started traveling, meeting people, and discovered a new way to talk with others and bond.

My mindset has changed entirely ever since, and the best opportunities are the ones that I never expect, and the come so effortlessly.

Appraisal archive
I’ve been seeking Dr. Rustamova since she took over the stellar practice of Dr. Ruth Steinberg. She is an amazing doctor–warm, insightful, eager to answer questions and always has a lovely (sunny) disposition. The office help is beyond efficient; they too are quick to help and troubleshoot. I was especially happy to note during today’s visits that the office has been re-arranged–it’s more spacious and the ultrasound room is bigger, brighter, cheerier. I love this practice and would recommend them wholeheartedly to any woman who wants a stellar gynecological experience.
Lashonda B.
It was an excellent appointment. Got in there and immediately was put through. I asked to get some test done and the nurse was kind in recommending me to call the insurance to make sure they covered the cost of the blood work. It was a very sweet gesture that demonstrated the level of patient care and understanding. I highly recommend this doctor to anyone!.
Evelina K.
Love and trust my doctor! Never lets me leave without giving me options on a solution. I’ve been going here for a few years now, and she somehow manages to remember general information regarding past procedures or appointments. I highly recommend her.
All my questions were answers and I felt comfortable and happy with the course of action we decided to take. It was convenient and easy to make an appointment and I appreciated the professionalism in the office.
Kelsey D.
Dr. Rustamova definitely made me feel comfortable and was very informative . She took her time to sit and talk about options . Everyone else in the office was also very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!
Brenda D.
I felt very comfortable with the doctor. The staff was professional. Overall, I had a very positive experience.
Verified Patient
Very knowledgeable, and made the appointment super comfortable.
Verified Patient
She is a very good professional. Very patient and sweet. Makes you feel very comfortable.
Verified Patient