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For more priceless content from Dr Rustamova like the ones below, We invite you to visit her Youtube channel @HolisticMD

Vitamin D

Dr Rustamova explains the incredible importance of vitamins, with a particular focus on the superstar of nutrients – Vitamin D! Listen closely and unravel the wonders of this sunshine vitamin and understand why it plays a crucial role in human health.

EE System

Dr Rustamova discusses the incredible effects of the EE System and talks about one of her patient’s experience with this new technology.


Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova interviewed on TIP Radio

International Healthcare Hero and Most Inspirational Member Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova is interviewed by Miss Universe Michelle McLean and Leah Masten on TIP Radio


JustLuxe - In Conversation with Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova

On May 19th, JustLuxe had an interview with Dr. Shahnoz regarding the EE System and more.

Read more about this interview here.

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